Memories 'bout Arntsen-Seeley History

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well. Here are my first memories.
Methinks it was January 20. Day of Pres. Bush's Inagrigation. (I don't know
how to spell that) Leigh, Ben and I came over and were jumping on the
old couches , mattresses, and blankets with Lisee, Austing, McKenna,
and I think Cassidy and Mattie. (Did I spell that right?) It was a lot of
fun. My Mom and Dad must of had some work at our house to do, 'cause
we didn't move in until April. Anyway that's my first memory. Next memory
I'm not quite sure what the date was, but again we had not yet moved in.
My Mom & Dad were doing something in our garage with a water-sucker-
upper thingy. We (Leigh, Ben, Austing, Mattie, maybe Lisee, Kenna, and I.
Austing was doing those "Rides of Doom". Remember that Austing? It was
also the night I saw a bat. In our neighbor-hood!!!!! Well, we had a lot of fun
that night. And. Please give me your comments.
Gaby :)


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